Wednesday, April 4, 2012



Fashion is a term for any style and practice that is popular at a particular time, especially regarding to clothing, or beauty etc. The word fashion has come from that time back when people used to describe a woman that was well-dressed as a ‘fashion plate’. Fashion was mostly important to women but in this age men are also eager to follow the trend and fashion while choosing their clothes and accessories. 

Those who design new clothes and introduce new designs in the market and public are knows as fashion designers. The way these fashion designers work is not commonly known. There are different categories of fashions and fashion designers. 

Fashion designers work in a number of different ways. They may be working full-time for any single fashion company, that are known as the “in-house designers” that owns these designs. These designers may work alone or work as a part of a team. Then there are these freelance designers who work for themselves by selling their designs to clothing manufacturers or fashion houses and even directly to shops. Those clothes become the property of the buyer. 

Now talking about the types of fashion, the fashion of garments mainly falls into three categories: 

Haute couture 

A Haute couture garment is made for an individual customer, these clothing is usually made from very high quality and expensive fabric. It is sewn with extreme care and attention to every detail and finish. The cost of materials and the time consumed does not matter in these type of garments, but the thing that counts for is that it fits for the choice of that particular individual. 


This type of clothes is in between haute couture and mass market clothing. Although they are not made for any individual clients, but even then great care is taken in choosing the fabric and the stitching of it. These are made in small quantities so that they may be called exclusive and their price could also be a bit more than the ordinary clothes. 

Mass market 

This is the type of fashion clothing which is generally more praised by the middle class and as the middle class is greater in number than the upper class thus this fashion is generally more successful in the fashion industry. The mass market company makes clothes for a great range of customers. They produce ready to wear clothes in different sizes and large quantities. This is usually more demanding because of the inexpensive stuff that is creatively used that produces affordable fashion. 

fashion industry 

Today fashion has become a global industry, and a number of countries have their fashion industry. Some countries that are major manufacturing centers are notably Philippines, South Korea, Germany, China, Brazil, Spain and India. The following five countries have an international reputation in fashion industry: Italy, France, U.K, United States and Japan. In the U.S., New York City and Los Angeles are the undisputed capitals of fashion industries. 

“Fashion Week” nowadays is a great industry event. It is held in every large fashion capitals. During this fashion week big fashion designers display their newest styles and creative designs. This week is held in a many countries including Paris, Milan, London and New York.